Marketing Strategy & Online Marketing

If you are looking for comprehensive marketing solutions, we have a complete basket of effective offline and online marketing solutions for powering your business to be in the league of " Super Brands".


Our mission is to help our clients grow their business with our professional expertise. Our team does a comprehensive study of your business before we develop and manage customized and effective marketing campaigns to help you exceed your business targets. By closely working with you to understand the exact marketing needs and providing strategic consultation, we focus on maximizing both, the short term as well as the long term benefits.We highly appreciate the value & limitation of our clients’ time and money and therefore ensure that our solutions are effective and practical.

Whether you’ve realized that your current marketing strategy isn’t working like you want or you wish to catch up with the competition and the changing trends in marketing, hiring an experienced and skilled partner will ensure that your business grows exponentially. With the number of internet users growing steadily every year,the opportunity to market your products online seems to be need of the hour.

Thousands of potential customers are looking for what you have to offer.IQ Point will partner with your business to develop online marketing strategies that create customer engagement and drive them to take a purchase action. How? We will work to improve online presence of your business and publicize your products.


We Listen.

We respect our clients’ knowledge of their industry and products and work on building and promoting a successful business relationship in which the clients unique marketing needs are met to their utmost satisfaction.

We Communicate.

We constantly interact with our clients and encourage a 360゚ constructive appraisal  of our work which motivates and enables us to raise our performance bar each time.

We offer a pro-active customer service.

We work on offering a pro-active and quick response customer service with a positive attitude to resolve all challenges effectively within a limited time frame We are passionate about KPIs and ROI, and hence we share detailed reports with our clients to foster a transparent liaison.


Sales Growth

The  ultimate objective of any marketing strategy is to drive significant  growth in product  sales.  At  the same  time,  it  is critical  to  do  a  cost - benefit   analysis before finalizing any marketing strategy. A  professional  marketing  consultation  definitely  helps  to create a  successful brand story.


Customer Oriented Approach

Purchase  decisions  are  influenced  by multiple factors including availability of  products  very  similar  to  what  you are. Hence, it is pertinent to understand your target  consumer  behavior to  devise an effective  &  winning  marketing strategy – to make your product stand out in the crowd.


Online Marketing

Competition is no longer  limited to  local shops  during  business hours. Thanks to increasing mobile usage  along with easy and fast internet services, consumers are now looking for products 24 X 7 in a truly global  online  marketplace  - get noticed by  your  prospective  customers  before your competition catches up !

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