Psychometric Assessment & Career Counseling

What is the need of a Comprehensive Career assessment?

Choosing the right career is not easy and it is critical to understand your skills, ability and interest level before you take the final decision. It should not be influenced simply by your peers, relatives or any other person. Also, any career decision involves working with 3 limited resources - Efforts, Time & Money. Therefore, it is highly advised that before choosing any career path, you undergo a scientific psychometric assessment to discover the best career choices for yourself.

In a nutshell, the benefits of a Comprehensive Career Assessment are:

  • Helps in discovering your Aptitude,Learning Style, Interests, Values and Personality
  • Identifying the most suitable Career Path
  • Understanding the Skill Gaps & required level of preparation to pursue your Career Path
  • Designing a Comprehensive Action Plan considering Education Fees, Current and Future Employment Scenario and Salary

Our online Psychometric Career Assessment tool is based on universally accepted scientific theories. Further, it is supported by a team of Psychologists and Research team who continuously analyze and help us to deliver the right career counseling for you.

Explore and find out the most suitable Career Path out of 18 Career Clusters, 110+ Career Paths & 3000+ Occupations.


Discover yourself, explore top career options and get a complete counseling from experts.

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